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Creative writer, aspiring musician and educator on the sacred dimensions of the creative process

A powerful epiphany descended upon me today while attending a local jet-ski show named Livin’ the American Dream! … the band Pilot, whose voice serenaded the loud speaker, sang the line that brought me into deep introspection:

Not a penny in my pocket, Keep on but not alone, Keep the…

by Dr. Ali Hussain

The Last Guardian

I have never played a video game that so impeccably conveys the organic and messy movement of life like The Last Guardian. Between the occasional absent-mindedness of Trico, the gentle giant and mythical beast, and clumsy movements of the protagonist, simply known as the boy, I…

What is the role of language in expressing what artistic inspiration and the creative state seek to achieve? …

by Dr. Ali Hussain

Photo by Saj Shafique. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Growing up across the East and West, I always felt intuitively that distinct cultures exhibit different aspects of the transcendent Sacred. The emotions evoked by Arabic music, in its rich modal system of maqāmāt (stations), vary tremendously from the subtle harmony of Western music. …

Ali Hussain

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